Sunday, August 4, 2013

What if we felt our life, not our bodies, had no end?

The quote below is something to consider in terms of a life without that goes beyond the body we inhabit, the things we've done, the whole narrative of details...What is possible when we incorporate that sense of strength and gladness into our lives, up until the very last breath? It does not end sorrow, or grief, but opens a door to transcendence...

“The life pouring through us, pumping our heart and breathing through our lungs, did not begin at our birth or conception,” Joann Macy observes. “Like every particle in every atom and molecule of our bodies, it goes back through time to the first splitting and spinning of the stars.”   That realization, she concludes, can give us “strengths that we never imagined.”

             “When we claim this story as our innermost sense of who we are, a gladness comes...” 
                                                         from an article called The Greening of the Self" by Don Lattin.

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